3 Easy Christmas Cocktails- Holiday Party Drinks Recipes


Make your holidays merry by sharing Christmas Cocktails with your friends and family and enjoy the party high. These Christmas Cocktails will suit every palate. Enjoy a punch of alcohol with our easy to holiday drink recipes. 

1. Snowstorm Margarita Recipe


· 1 1/3 cups coconut milk (unsweetened)

· honey or fine sugar, 

· (1/4 cup) orange liquor

· Lime juice 

· fresh mint,

· sugared cranberries,

· (1 cup) silver tequila

· (1/4 cup) coconut rum


  1. Simmer coconut milk and sugar over medium flame. Simmer for 1 minute. Add cubes of ice cubes to cool down quickly.
  2. Combine every ingredient in a pitcher glass. Keep in the refrigerator until Chill. 
  3. Stir nicely before serving and put ice cubes.

2.Sugar cookie white Russians Recipe


· 1-1/2 oz Tito’s Handmade vodka

· 1-1/2 oz coffee liqueur

· 1 sugar cookie

· cup whipped cream

· Red and green sprinkles

· 4 oz milk

· vanilla extract


1. Remove sugar cookie frosting and crumble into small pieces.

2. Spread whipped cream in the tall cocktail glass around the rim and then roll in the cookie crumbs. Fill glass with ice to the brim.

3. Then, add vodka, vanilla extract, coffee liqueur, and milk into a cocktail shaker.

4. Shake in a vigorous motion until frothy, then pour it over cocktail glass over ice.

5. Top it up with whipped cream, and sprinkle more cookie crumbs and your favorite seasonal sprinkles.

6. Add a straw. Enjoy!

3.Christmas punch Recipe


  • 6 cups cranberry pomegranate juice
  • frozen limeade concentrate
  • sparkling 
  • lime flavored water
  • fresh cranberries
  • Two limes sliced
  • sprigs mint
  • Optional addition: rum, champagne 


1. Put limeade concentrate and pomegranate-cranberry juice in a pitcher and Stir well until combined properly.

2. Add sparkling water and stir it well until combined.

3. Garnish the drink with cranberries, mint, and a slice of lime before serving.

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