Restaurant ‘Must-Haves’ in 2021


Just like all things, restaurants experience trends that come and go. Whether it’s having wooden wall panels or deconstructed food, restaurants are always changing things up. While before people didn’t really pay too much attention to these trends and how restaurants are set up, they certainly do now. Thanks to social media and the COVID pandemic, people are itching to get out of their homes and show off where they’re finally allowed to go out and eat. To be sure you’re restaurant’s on top of it’s game, here are some of the best things to have in your restaurant in 2021. 

  • Having Instagrammable spots: Anymore, going out to eat with your friends is an Instagrammable moment. Social media is all the rage and everyone is curious as to what their followers are up to. Likewise, people want their followers and friends to know what they themselves are doing. This means taking pictures of your food and/or yourself in the restaurant to show how much you’re enjoying it. 

Because of this, restaurants need to focus more on the presentation of their food, as well as the interior design of the restaurant. People will want to tag your restaurant, however they won’t if they don’t think the space looks cute enough, or if the food looks boring. 

In addition to making the food picture-worthy, it’s also a good idea to put in an ‘F’. This is a wall where people specifically go to take a picture for social media. These walls are usually one color and have some kind of portrait or a fun sign about eating and drinking. This trend has become so popular, that some restaurants are now known for these walls instead of their food. 

  • Using minimalistic decor: Thanks to social media outlets, like Pinterest, many people are more interested in interior decorating. This puts more pressure on restaurants and cafes to keep up with trends and looks. The most popular looks for 2021 are white walls, with minimal decor on the walls, plants and funky lighting. In terms of furniture, it seems like metal is the look for this year. Making sure you have the right commercial furniture is essential for making sure your restaurant has the best design possible for 2021. 
  • Having a variety of seating options: It seems like many restaurants are only catering to younger people nowadays, as everything is trendy and different. So to keep your customer base wide, make sure that you have a wide variety of seating options. This could mean anything from bar stools to armchairs. It will differ depending on what kind of space you’re furnishing, but be sure to incorporate a few different styles. 
  • Outdoor Spaces: If possible, have some outdoor seating. Obviously, that’s not always a possibility, however, if you have the space to have an outdoor seating area, be sure to use it. 

This has always been a great addition to restaurants, but now is even better, as a result of the COVID pandemic. Due to health restrictions, indoor seating wasn’t always possible, so many restaurants had to adapt and create their own outdoor seating areas to stay afloat. This trend will definitely be carried throughout the next few years, so be sure to jump on this bandwagon! Even without the health regulations, having a patio where people can kick back, relax, and enjoy their meal is always a way to attract more customers.