All About Nail Care and Why Maryton Pro Nail Drill is Needed


The hands, and with them also the nails, are our first letter of introduction to others in many situations: in a formal greeting before the beginning of an interview, when we are introduced to someone new, and even in everyday situations such as paying in an establishment. Therefore, taking care of our nails, and not only our hands but also our feet, should be part of any beauty routine and yet, we often neglect this essential point of our appearance.

Nail care is a world full of art

The world of nail care is an artful world supported by professionals and beginners alike with a variety of tools and techniques. Design is always evolving, however, not all tools are able to accommodate that. The electric nail drill is probably the most capable tool so far. This is a device that has revolutionized the “nail care world.” This article will explain the importance of electric nail drills in the nail beauty industry, explaining why they are a must-have tool for every professional or anyone who likes to “play around” with their nails.

Why an electric nail drill?

Because it has many advantages. Maybe the first thing is about precision. Yes, electric nail drills are all about precision. A manual approach will never come close to the level of precision that an electric nail drill can achieve. The shaping and filing accuracy that an electric nail drill can achieve can satisfy the eyes of anyone who looks at it. Electric nail drills can also be adjusted to suit user needs.

Time efficiency is another important benefit provided by electric nail drills. Task automation can include removing acrylic or gel polish, reducing cuticles, shortening nails, and so on. All of this can take hours with a traditional nail file. With an electric drill, the time required to shape and polish nails can be significantly saved. Not only that, but time efficiency also means reduced fatigue.

There are many types of electric drills on the market, which one should you choose?

You are free to choose among popular brands, but if you ask us, we will recommend the Maryton Pro Nail Drill to you without hesitation. It is an amazing professional nail drill that can meet the demands of any professional nail technician. The handpiece allows for varying nail shaping preferences without compromising quality control.

Speed control is a feature that every electric nail drill should have. The Maryton Pro Nail Drill features easily adjustable speed control, thereby making switching between rotations easy. Even if you switch from soft rotation to high rotation or vice versa, you will not experience any jerking. This tool is very smooth, like a car with a smooth transmission that doesn’t jerk. When you work on different nail materials, a good speed control feature is a must, otherwise, you will experience difficulties.

In addition, The Maryton also supports a wide variety of drill bits; diamond drill bits are recommended for filing, carbide drill bits for removing gel or acrylic coating, and so on. Each drill bit has a specific benefit and in the hands of an expert, this electric nail drill can be a fantastic tool.

Then we come to the safety features!

Regardless, safety issues can never be ignored. A safe electric nail drill usually has an automatic shutdown mechanism, heat and vibration reduction, and protection against overload. Mariton uses a motor-driven drill that is not only powerful but also very safe.

Tips to improve nail care

To maintain more beautiful and healthy nails, we can follow these recommendations:

– Use gloves daily to carry out household cleaning tasks, especially when we use products that can be aggressive and very hot water, thus avoiding possible fungal infections.

– Use nail makeup removers without acetone, since using this powerful solvent to remove nail polish can dry out the nails, and also the cuticles, causing them to weaken if used frequently.

– Periodically take supplements with brewer’s yeast, walnuts, or almonds, since these foods are rich in vitamin B, which is involved in cell development and strengthens the skin and nails.

– Do not use false nails for a long time because continued use can weaken our own natural nails, causing them to not grow properly. In addition, the components of false nails can cause skin allergies and if the way of placing them is not correct or the necessary hygiene care is not taken, there is a risk of suffering from infections such as fungi.

– Be aware of the importance of moisturizing the nails and cuticles after the permanent manicure using a specific oil or product that helps the nails not lose their natural flexibility and remain soft, thus also preventing them from laminating.

We hope this post was helpful. Thank you for reading!