Best Tattoos For Behind The Ear For Men & Women

tattoos for behind the ear

Looking for some new ideas and intrigued by this unusual placement? Tattoos for behind the ear are ideal for females, but men may also wear them! Any tattoo above your shoulders is a statement piece. Still, the area behind your ear provides a little more subdued canvas. The only person who will notice it is the next magician who attempts the quarter trick.

You’ll like them if you don’t like showy and conspicuous tattoos and dangerous locations. There are several alternatives tattoo for behind the ear, ranging from little Halloween bats to sentences you’ll never be able to read. A significant back of the ear tattoo is excellent for folks who want to experiment with different tattoo placement options.

Keep on reading to find the best tattoo for the behind the ear!

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Date Tattoo

Many people want to have critical dates tattooed on them. You can get it tattooed behind your ears to commemorate a life event. You may select any date in your life that is significant to you, from the first time your lady-love said ‘YES’ to you to the first time you met the one you love in person. You may have the date etched below or behind your ear if you desire!

 Flower tattoo

A floral tattoo is a classic design that looks well behind the ear. A flower tattoo for behind the ear is one of the most important options for women, representing anything from positivity to courage. Rose tattoos are trendy since they look stunning in simple and complicated designs. However, because these tattoos can be uncomfortable, first-timers should go for the basic structure of their favorite flower. For example, sunflowers and lilies need more delicate linework, but daisies and bare blossoms are less painful. More daring ladies can add vines, leaves, or a splash of colour. These enhancements, when done correctly, will compliment your hairline for a dramatic finale.

Butterfly Tattoo

Butterfly tattoo behind the ear, you can never go wrong with this.

A butterfly tattoo behind the ear is still an attractive design option for women looking for significant artwork behind the ear. As a cute and feminine element, Butterfly tattoos may signify change, development, beauty, and immortality, making these designs a diverse and popular option. This tattoo is a fantastic option if you want a little butterfly or numerous butterflies fluttering over a flower with a striking design. Consider using hints of colour on the wings for maximum effect.

Leaf tattoo

Nature enthusiasts will like leaf tattoos for behind ear. Another wonderful design for behind-the-ear tattooing that you may see online is a leaf tattoo. This daisy-like flowering perennial with massive, spherical blossom clusters and three-lobed leaves is a superb delineator of any creative notion.

Dream catcher tattoo

Many tribal cultures think that dream catchers help to capture bad dreams and keep them from recurring. A dream catcher tattoo design made of bamboo hoop netting or webbing embellished with pearls or feathers. These are thought to protect against bad dreams, evil spirits, and foreboding signs. Most tattoo enthusiasts pick this design as they are a firm believer that dream catchers will keep them safe from any kind of harm. This one-of-a-kind behind-the-ear tattoo can be worn for various reasons, including symbolic meaning or simply for the appearance and feel.

Scissor Tattoo

A scissor tattoo for behind your ear might be a terrific way to signify transition with a meaningful design. Any delicate and edgy tattoo idea behind the ear will look beautiful on any woman and make her feel confident and strong, whether you’re showing off your sharp sense of style or reminding yourself to cut off negative influences in your life. Scissors may also indicate breaking away from painful individuals or an adverse history, making this artwork a symbol of personal progress and transformation. Most artists recommend avoiding using colour in this painting and instead concentrating on a modest and straightforward scissor pattern.

Star Tattoo

A big star behind your ear will never go out of style. Star tattoos are popular among young ladies because they represent love, light, and direction. Many women pick stars as a symbol of a guardian angel or guiding light in their life. Others use them to show their confidence and ambition. A single star tattooed behind the ear is fashionable, but these motifs also look good in groups. If you’re going to use many stars, make sure they’re all different sizes. Choose one star as the primary point and work your tattoo down for a simple and effective aesthetic that brighten your days.

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Do you like artistic tattoos? It is one-of-a-kind and excellent for anybody who wants a splash of color or watercolor patterns. But unfortunately, a splash of color is difficult to produce; therefore, make sure you know of a fantastic tattoo artist before committing to this design.

Bird tattoos will symbolize your independence, free will, and strength. If you want to travel and feel like a multifaceted person with many facets, here is the place to be!

Words Tattoo

A meaningful message tattoos for behind the ear can look amazing. You may have a complete phrase or a favorite quotation run down the back of your ear, but the most powerful word tattoos are brief and to the point. Feminine typefaces provide a feminine touch to each word, whereas block capitals draw attention to quotes. Most individuals select single phrases like love, strength, or hope for their words tattoo. You may even write the name of a treasured family member or pet in the area behind your ear. Simple handwritten patterns are usually effective, but you may add a little graphic or doodle to your tattoo.

Dog Inspired Small Behind Ear Tattoo

If you love dogs and want to get a tattoo for your dog, don’t hesitate any longer; having a little dog behind your ear is a distinctive tattoo.

This tattoo will be humorous, modest, and petite, suitable for males who despise needles but like their cats.

Sticking to this tattoo will show others how much you like your dog. It may take you two hours to put it, but it is a simple and adorable item that will highlight your sentimental side, so why not go for it?

Simple Tattoo

Consider having a modest tattoo with meaning if you prefer an understated and simple design. Tattoos behind the ear naturally complement subtle artwork that may be hidden. If you’re getting inked for the first time, you could choose an outline or basic concept in complete black. You may always add colour to your design, but black and grey ink are excellent for long-term use. Ask your artist about crisp lines and minimum shading to help you stand out from the crowd with less effort. Keep your tattoo defined to decrease the possibility of bleeding, and avoid intricate forms and patterns that may clog your artwork. There are numerous attractive and cute basic tattoo ideas, such as initials, dates, the sun and moon, hearts, crowns, and flowers.

Small Tattoo

A tiny tattoo may be a terrific method to create a unique and attractive design behind the ear when there may be insufficient space for a larger piece. If you want to make a statement:

  1. Look into significant and visually beautiful tattoo designs.
  2. Ask your artist about fantastic vertical ideas to provide more room given the positioning. Although these tattoos are still modest, you may mix and match chains, flowers, vines, stars, or Chinese characters to keep things fresh.
  3. Experiment with basic designs like hearts and triangles and symbols like crosses, initials, and dates for a more subtle aesthetic.

Small ear tattoos are perfect for unique pieces with hidden meanings since they allow you to be creative with your narrative.

Angel Tattoo

An angel tattoo may signify everything from spirituality and biblical characters to protectors, loved ones, and freedom. Angel wings have always been a sweet and sensual tattoo design for women looking for religious ink or just a beautifully feminine piece. When it comes to Christianity, angels can serve as a reminder to continue on the holy road and aid others wherever possible. Those who have lost loved ones may choose to utilise a guardian angel to honour a family member or serve as a guiding light in difficult times. Wings can also motivate you to grow and take on new tasks, or they can serve as a reminder that you have the freedom to spread your wings and soar. Keep lines basic and avoid hyper-realistic designs to prevent overpowering the tiny region behind the ear.

What’s the pain level like?

According to anecdotal evidence from professionals, the pain is a 5+ on a 10-point scale. However, it is hardly the most painful body area to tattoo.

This is consistent with the findings of a 2014 study trusted Source. A single research participant, who also happened to be the author, was treated to bee stings in 25 various areas to assess the pain.

On the pain scale, he gave the postauricular region (medical jargon for “behind the ear”) a 5.3.

Most people characterise the discomfort as bothersome and irritating rather than excruciating.

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How long does the pain last?

The worst of it will be over after your tattoo is completed.

Following that, some discomfort, swelling, redness, and crusting are expected for the first week or two. After that, the pain and other symptoms should be minor and progressively improve.

Pain that worsens or lasts longer might indicate an infection or other problems.

Pain relief tips

You may do a few things to relieve the pain during and after your behind-the-ear tattoo.

Here are some pointers to consider:

• Select a skilled tattoo artist. The more skilful and experienced the artist, the less time they spend in the chair, hence the minor discomfort.

• Avoid consuming alcoholic beverages. Drinking alcohol before getting a tattoo increases pain sensitivity, increases bleeding, and may result in dehydration.

• Experiment with relaxing techniques. If negative emotions, such as stress, might make you more sensitive to pain, practising relaxation techniques before and during your session is good. For example, deep breathing, meditation, or listening to music are good ways to relax.

  • Keep hydrated. Dehydration has been related to enhanced pain perception. In addition, not drinking enough might make you feel bad in general. So, drink lots of water before your visit, and keep some on hand to sip while you’re there.

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Bottom Line

Getting a tattoo is a painful experience, but it is worth it. What do you want your next tattoo to be? The most excellent tattoo is a butterfly. A tattoo should be unique to you, so give it some thought.

Let us know in the comments what your favourite spot to get a tattoo is.