HackerRank Vs LeetCode: Some Common Differences!

HackerRank Vs LeetCode

HackerRank Vs LeetCode are two websites that offer different ways to get feedback from other coders. LeetCode is a place where developers can practice what they know by solving coding challenges, while HackerRank provides users with sample coding problems to work on, sometimes even with a prize at the end. Both websites are worth the time and money if you want feedback and want to improve your skills.

What Is LeetCode?

LeetCode is a large website that offers coding challenges for developers to solve. The website has a lot of different types of problems, such as dynamic programming, binary search, and more. If you are new to coding and want to get a feel for it, this is the site you should be at. However, there are some downsides. The site requires you to log in before you can do anything, meaning your account will be tied to your email for life (unless you create another account). As a new coder, it can take a lot of work to figure out how to get feedback on your challenges.

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What is HackerRank?

HackerRank is a website that offers users sample coding problems to practice on. You can earn points depending on the difficulty of the problems you solve. The most complicated problems will net you the most points but won’t necessarily give you feedback on your code. A lot of companies like to ask these questions when they conduct interviews. Some challenges are tough, so you may choose easier ones and solve them with friends or Google if you get stuck.

What is the difference?

HackerRank Vs LeetCode offers similar things, but they differ in what they offer and how they deliver it. LeetCode offers a place where developers can practice writing code, while HackerRank samples are coding questions that developers can solve. They both have their upsides and downsides. The question you need to ask is: are you looking for places to practice writing code, or are you looking to solve real-life problems? If you’re looking to practice, LeetCode is the best. If you’re looking for a challenge and willing to use outside resources if needed, HackerRank is for you.

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LeetCode offers a data structure crash course:

LeetCode provides different quizzes on data types, from arrays to stacks; you practice every data type you will face as a developer. In addition, it helps new users who want to brush up on different aspects of data types in their language.

As shown above, LeetCode offers a vast collection of problems for programmers. However, the site is excellent for beginners who can practice certain language constructs and try out new ideas without risk. Furthermore, the fact that it is free is enormous when you need feedback and don’t have the money to invest in a subscription service like HackerRank.

LeetCode also has timed challenges, which puts more pressure on the programmer and makes them more serious about their solution.


1. Are there other websites like LeetCode and HackerRank?

Sure, TryItOnline.org offers a lot of the same features as LeetCode. In addition, the website is similar to the coding platform for Google Chrome, Codepad.io, which allows people to share code online by pasting it into the website and sharing the code with others. 

2. What makes LeetCode different from HackerRank?

HackerRank Vs LeetCode Both offer similar things and have similarities regarding problems; however, they have some significant differences too. The main difference is that you can’t earn money with LeetCode, whereas you can get it with HackerRank if you are in the top 100 in a specific category.