Mandatory Hair Care Tips For Your Rebonded Hair

Re-bonded hair tips

It is a great feeling to see your straight hair really manageable even when you wake up from the sleep. All thanks to the modernization technology who have bestowed us with the option of Re-bonding. If we go in a little flash back before twelve to fifteen years, no one among us would have ever thought about anything like re-bonded hair. It has come like a boon to all the ones who always wished for straight hair with no management required. Re-bonded hair has become one of the most preferred choices of every girl or woman. The hair has to go through a chemical procedure to get re-bonded, which leads to re-bonded hair side effects and damages the hair. Now you must be seeking re-bonded hair tips. Here is a list of re-bonded hair care tips.

Re-bonded hair demands much more care and attention than your natural hair otherwise it might lead to re-bonded hair side effects. It is due to the usage of chemicals over hair to get them rebounded, which further makes your hair brickle and sensitive and often result in re-bonded hair side effects. In order to protect your hair from getting harm, it becomes important to nurture them with regular maintenance and protection else you are going to face a big time loss. Now the question is how to take proper care of hair after re-bonding so that they not only look appealing but also stay healthy always.

The Process of Re-bonding:

To begin with, a chemical formula is applied on your hair to break the bonds of your hair and then again those bonds are reconstituted with the help of chemicals. This breaks the persisting curly bonds to straighten the hair and as soon as hair is straightened, immediately new bonds are made again to rejig the complete physical look of your hair. This method is a much better method than compared to keratin smoothening. Re-bonding straightens your hair in the sleekest way for a good period of time and if taken utmost care, they are sure to lend you with a princess like look. Check out the steps one by one to get a clear idea:

  • First and foremost, your hair is washed with a soft shampoo. Then majorly, two chemicals are used for hair rebonding. One is Called Relaxant, which is also known as Cream Softener and the other one is Neutralizer. First of all, cream softener is applied to your hair for some time so that it can settle down in your hair. The Neutralizer works in molding new bonds that bestows our hair with straight texture. T
  • Once the hair is wiped with towel, relaxant (cream softener) is applied and allowed on hair for next half an hour. Then, they are nurtured with steaming process for 15 minutes and then rinsed off properly.
  • Now, if you observe, you can see straightened hair various sections but not as wholesome. So, to straighten them all, neutralizer is applied that readjust the bonds. Then after some time hair are washed off.
  • Blow and dry is done and then hair serum is applied to your hair. And it is done.

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Some of the Obvious Results after Hair Re-bonding:

  • Regardless of the fact how heedful you are, but it is a sure shot thing that the usage of chemicals over your hair to get them re-bonded can cause chemical damage. The reason is because the process of re-bonding undergoes the use of various sharp chemicals which are not good for the overall health of your hair. So it is essential for you to follow appropriate re-bonded-hair care tips.
  • Don’t be surprised if you face the problem of hair fall because it is but obvious as this process weakens the root of your hair. Hence, you must be extra careful after getting the hair rebonded.
  • If not taken care, there are always probabilities of getting your cauterized (fired) which is either due to strong chemicals or due to the heat of hair straightener.
  • The process of hair rebonding demands your hair to be kept open for the maximum times because tying them can also harm them in any way.
  • Every time you think for getting a retouch to your rebonded hair, be prepared that there is every possibility to get hair more weakened because as and when the chemicals are applied, it is but obvious.

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Re-bonded Hair Care:

Once you have got the rebonding done, your hair will require much-much more care, concern and time for their proper caretaking. There are varied re-bonded hair side effects. As mentioned earlier, hair rebonding dampens your hair and might result to too many hair issues. Below is enlisted some effective ways to lends protection to your hair after rebonding and avoid re-bonded hair side effects. These re-bonded hair care tips will serve as a great help to you if you follow them sincerely:


Do not wash or wet your hair for about three to four days after getting them rebounded. This will help the chemicals to ooze in and root well properly else if you don’t follow this advise, all your money and patience will go waste. Your hair will turn greasy and sticky which is nothing less than a nightmare. So, make sure that you do as per it is advised.


For about two to three days, you are not even allowed to bind your hair or even tuck them behind your ears as you used to do earlier. The reason is that till the time the chemicals are not decently settled it might result in bending of your hair and spoil the whole look of yours.


Also, before sleeping, place your hair in such a position that they remain straight for the whole night else you won’t be even able to judge the shape that your hair has got within one night. They will give a spoiled look.


Once it has been three days to your hair rebonding, you are allowed to wash your hair but with the recommended shampoo by your parlor expertise. Even the conditioner should be used as per their advice. When done with shampoo, leave conditioner for few minutes and then wash your hair.


For some days, don’t even try blow & dry machine on your wet hair to dry them or for any other purpose, instead let your hair be free from any kind of heating instruments. After all, why not enjoy the change?


Now as you have got your hair rebonded, enjoy its look and uniqueness solely and do not try any other tricks on your hair for at least six months like: hair coloring, streaks, highlighting etc. This is because it not only spoils the overall look but also makes your hair unhealthy for always due to the usage of excess of chemicals and treatments. Hair needs enough time to settle and get used to those chemicals that have been already applied for rebonding.


Something that needs to be done at regular intervals after hair rebonding is, to get trimming. This helps in keeping the hair secured from the problem of split ends which travels from bottom to top speedily and cause harm to your hair. Trimming also helps in maintaining the healthiness of your hair.


Never ever wash your hair with hot water because hot water has the tendency to steal all the moisture from your hair thereby making them rough and dry. So, always use cold water or normal tap water to wash your hair.


Take care that there are no remainders left over your hair else problems like: hair fall, dandruff, excess itching and dryness of the scalp will become a part of your daily life. So keep your scalp and hair thoroughly cleaned to save hair from any such damages.


Use a broad toothed comb to dress up your hair. If you prefer a wooden comb instead of the plastic one, it would be a right option because it won’t result to unnecessary breakage of strands and help you in fine combing.


If you are the one who used to shampoo your hair daily, then this habit needs a change. Until and unless your hair seems oily, avoid washing your hair or you can even prefer the option of washing your hair every alternate day. In case, if you are going out and need to shampoo your hair, you can go for co-washing. Co-washing involves of shampooing your hair only with the conditioner and then wash them off after two to four minutes.


Whenever you shampoo your hair or make them wet, it is important to apply hair serum to your hair. You can even apply it on daily basis. Hair serum does not let the external environment like: dust, pollution etc affect your hair directly thereby safeguards them and maintains their quality.


Other best way to take care of rebonded hair is to make the use of a leave-in conditioner. A leave-in conditioner holds the required moisture in your hair thereby preventing crimp and roughness which is caused due to dryness.


Neither the ultra violet rays of the Sun are good for rebonded hair, nor are the too cold winds considered fine. Even wetting your hair in the rain water is not a good idea at all. Any of these environmental changes can adversely impact your rebonded hair. So, even if you cannot prevent these, at least safeguard yourself with the help of an umbrella or a wide round hat when you step out. It is one of the best re-bonded hair care tip to follow to avoid re-bonded hair side effects.


Don’t miss to get the hair spas on regular intervals as it plays a major role in keeping the rebonded hair healthy. You can even choose to wear a hair mask frequently if you do not get ample time to visit parlor regularly. Any of these options will work because both of them provide essential nutrition to your hair and keep them well-hydrated.


If by chance your hair gets wet in rain, then all you need to do is to get them cleaned by washing your hair as early as possible. The reason behind this is that, rain water consist pollutant elements and impure salts which can cause a disastrous harm to your hair.


This is one of the most re-bonded hair care tips to take care about! Eat healthy… intake a diet which is plentiful in nutrition like vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates because all these contribute a lot to the healthiness of your hair. Some of the good examples of nutritious foods are: Almonds, nuts, green vegetables, fruits, juices, cashewnuts etc. So, the more nutritive food you eat, the healthier your hair will stay for long.


Enjoy the change for which you have invested a good amount and checked your patience to get it done. Do not do any hair styling for some time especially till the time the chemicals are absorbed by your hair properly and they get used to it. Getting hair styles needs heating instruments and gel to be used which can ruin all your efforts, so better say NO to such things.

The above given re-bonded hair care tips are the mandatory tips to follow after you are done with hair rebonding. If these re-bonded hair care tips are followed with sincerity, then you will enjoy a stylish look with extreme healthiness because there is no charm to enjoy a look which leaves its fall outs at the backside. Remember, good care means no trouble!

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There are some highly recommended products that are considered safe to be used on rebonded hair. These are the ones advised by the parlor expertise so you can try any of these:

  • L’oreal Professionnel Liss Ultime Shampoo
  • Schwarzkopf Bonacure Repair Rescue Shampoo
  • Matrix Opticare Smooth & Straight Shampoo

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