How to Clean a Sponge? – Simple Tips to Clean Sponge Easily

How to clean a sponge

Sponges are one of the essential cleaning tools used in your kitchen. However, it can get filled with a wide range of illness-causing bacteria if you do not wash it properly. Yes, you read it right. 

The tiny pores in the sponges can hold different germs, bacterias, and molds that can spread easily when you are using the sponge to clean your kitchen. No one likes to clean the kitchen with a sponge containing germs and bacteria. So the question is how to clean a kitchen sponge? Relax, here is an article with simple tips to clean kitchen sponge easily. 

1. Clean Sponge Using Vinegar 

If you are seeking non-toxic, biodegradable, and non-toxic disinfectant to sanitize your kitchen sponge, then vinegar is the best option. It is a useful solution to clean drains, showerhead, microwave, and even the kitchen sponge.

In order to clean your sponge using vinegar, soak the sponge in full-strength vinegar for 5 minutes. After taking it out from the sponge, thoroughly rinse the kitchen sponge using warm water. This method would help you in eliminating 99.6% of bacteria. 

2. Disinfect the Sponge Using Bleach

Another best option to clean the kitchen sponge is bleach. It is highly beneficial to kill viruses, bacteria, and mold. All you need to do is mix ¾ cup of bleach in 1-gallon water. Then soak the kitchen sponge in the solution for 5 minutes. After taking it out from the solution, rinse it properly in warm water. 

How to clean a sponge

3. Sanitize Sponge with Microwave

Sanitizing the sponge using a microwave is another best way. It is not only an effective way to sanitize sponge but also helps in killing bacteria. 

In order to use the method, soak the sponge in water, and then place it in a microwave container. Always keep in mind not to keep the dry sponge in the microwave as it can catch fire. Microwave, the damp sponge for five minutes. Allow the kitchen sponge to cool for 15 minutes. Take the kitchen sponge out of the microwave and then remove excess water. 

4. Clean Sponge Using Boiling Water

Microwave, vinegar, or bleach are popular choices for sanitizing or cleaning kitchen sponge. However, you can also use boiling water. Simply clean the kitchen sponge using boiling water. All you need to do is place the sponge in a pot of boiling water for five minutes. Allow the sponge to cool in the water, and then remove the kitchen sponge and dry out the excess water.   

5. Sanitize Sponge Using Dishwasher

Cleaning sponge using the dishwasher is the easiest way to clean the sponge and disinfect it. In order to clean the sponge using a dishwasher, place the sponge in the top rack and then run the matching using heat-dry cycles to sanitize and disinfect the sponge. The hottest and longest cycles in an effective way to kill the germs that are present in your sponge. 

In order to manage a healthy and germ-free kitchen, it is essential to clean and sanitize sponge once in a week. In addition to this, replace the kitchen sponge once in a month, depending on the use. If your kitchen sponge starts looking smell or shabby even after disinfecting it, replace the sponge with a new one.