You recall how many images and WhatsApp videos you have when we attempt to download a new app on your phone while the Not Sufficient Space alert displays on the screen. Fortunately, the solution is simple if your smartphone has a MicroSD card slot. You may increase your device’s capacity by shifting certain programs to the SD card and making space for the latest app.

Nevertheless, when you’ve been using such SD cards for a while, whether it be for your camera or your smartphone, your curiosity may have led you to want to know the distinction between the two. Here are the reasons why you were mistaken. You likely thought you seemed to have a MicroSDHC card for your camera while utilising a MicroSD adapter.

A Quick Histories

Secure Digital, the SD in microSD and microSDHC, denotes the kind of system adopted in these cards. The SD Association created certain electronic specifications in an attempt to create dependable, effective, and standardized flash storage technology. Globally, hundreds of ICT firms have incorporated SD standards into their offerings. Secure digital cards are available in normal and tiny sizes in addition to microSD. In MicroSD versus MicroSDHC, MicroSD cards have mostly supplanted miniSD cards in cell phones, but regular SD cards are frequently used within cameras. MiniSD cards were created for mobile phones.

Where is the distinction now, then?

The main distinction between microSD and microSDHC cards is that microSD cards can only store up to 2 GB of data, whilst microSDHC cards can store up to 32 GB of data. High capacity is indicated by the additional HC in microSDHC. Nevertheless, the microSDHC technology isn’t necessarily suitable for older devices that have a MicroSD slot.

Digital storage units called microSD cards are very small—about the size of fingernails. Since they don’t have any moving components and are a sort of flash memory, they can last a very long time with proper care.

The most widely used memory cards in mobile phones, including smartphones and tablets, are MicroSD versus MicroSDHC.

Expanded storage microSDXC cards were given standards by Secure Digital in 2009. Such cards have a two-terabyte data storage capacity. San disk’s 1 TB MicroSD card, as well as its price in Ugandan shillings, were recently featured by us. Even if these cards initially appear annoying, you must wait for the cost to decrease before considering your options. Within a few years, these will be genuine saviors.


Q1) What distinguishes a microSD card from a microSDHC card?

Ans: The variations in microSD card types are substantial: microSD: fits in any microSD slot and has a size of up to 2GB. MicroSDHC: Supports SDHC & SDXC hardware and offers storage of much more than 2GB and up to 32GB. 08-Jun-2022

Q2) How can I tell if the microSD card I have is fast?

Ans: Take a glance at the emblem on an SD card to see what speed class it belongs to. The speed class is also displayed on the card’s package or the item in the online store.

Q3) What are the different SD card types?

Ans: Although they are all usually referred to as SD cards, safe digital cards really come in four different variations: SD, SDHC, SDXC, and SDUC.


In conclusion, the article has attempted to provide information about ‘MicroSD versus MicroSDHC. I hope you have got a clear idea of the difference between both. 

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