10 Rare Squishmallows of All Time

rare squishmallows

Rare squishmallows – A Squishmallow is a soft, animal created by Jazwares subsidiary Kelly Toys. The Squishmallow brand was invented by Kelly Toy Holdings LLC in 2017 and the company has since released more than a thousand different characters.

Just like old toys or art stamps, Squishmallows can appreciate in value. Some collectors see them as investments. They point out that their own products are extremely rare Squishmallows, and that Squishmallow fever is on the rise, warranting a high value for their possessions. 

These plush toys were as sweet as the creatures that modelled themselves after them, and they made quite a name for themselves in terms of cute and necessary plushies. Each one had his style with a unique story which fit each character just right.

From a number of toys available, Kelly Toy’s Squishmallows are probably now as popular as any. They are cute and squishy and if you are amongst the select few who win auctions on sites like eBay, they may be worth some serious cash.

Some characters become harder to come by, their market value can skyrocket windfall for early collectors. Today, a rare Squishmallow sells for anywhere between $1,399 and $2,000.

However, there is the question: With more than a thousand different Squishmallows, what are the rare Squishmallows of all time? Without any further delay, let us see together:

10 Rare Squishmallows 

In this list, we have mentioned 10 rare squishmallows:

10. Stacy

Before, on TikTok, there was a lot of news about Stacy. Stacy’s Bio noted that she was shy and disliked crowds. It was hence concluded that Stacy must be a socially anxious person. On TikTok and Reddit, a number of young adults and teens offered advice about how to help Stacy get through it. Because Stacy the Squid Squishmallow was so popular, Kelly has also introduced a Stacy’s dark gray version as part of the San Diego Comic-Con Squad 2022  Check-in Series.

9. Avery

Avery the Duck is considered a rare Squishmallow, and both the company and collectors highlight its rarity. It fetched an impressive $499 at auction. Part of the Farm and Adventure Squads, Avery sports a vibrant green mallard head, wings that flap, a brown fluffy lower body, and a stomach of light brown color. Unlike the standard crew, this variant has brown fur, and its belly is a slightly darker shade, making it unique and sought after by collectors.

8. Hans

Golden Hans the Hedgehog is a member of the so-called “Select Series” (released in 2021 to commemorate Kelly Toys having sold more than 100 million Squishmallows), making it an edition of Hans Hedgehog Squishmallow. But, Hans is available in two types: the 16″ Golden Details Hans and 16″ Golden Hans with Select black series tags. Also, both the hedgehog plush toys are adorned with a bow tie and a hat. The Golden Hans is completely covered in golden fur.

The Golden Hans Hedgehog is only 16 inches. Only 3,000 of them were ever made. So a Golden Hans Squishmallow’s cost is between $ 100-$ 250. As such, the Golden Details Hans Squishmallows are around 10,000 in all and are thus less priced about $ 70 to $90. Thirty-six 24″ Golden Hans Squishmallows were produced, the most ever made. That puts Jack the Black Cat among middling ranking in terms of rarity (ignoring different sizes to regard them as separate Squishmallows).

7. Lucille

A Sealife Squad member who started with 23 other characters. A cute white seal, with black eyes, mouth, nose, and whiskers: this is Lucille. Her little flippers, gray muzzle and pale-grey belly. On the market, Lucille’s price is usually between $ 500 and a little more.

The reason Lucille is a special Squishmallow is that she is one of only 4 Squishmallow seals and the most expensive of the four. First released in 2020, available in a range of sizes from small 3.5 inches to large 12 inches.

6. Chanel

She is named after a fancy perfume brand. Chanel is a French cinnamon toast roll, a yummy pastry. She adores cooking and has a super sweet tooth. Her body looks like a tan-colored pastry, and she has a pink mouth and black eyes. On top of her head, there’s cream-coloured icing with a brown cinnamon swirl. People say Chanel might be volunteering at a food pantry, also teaching other Squishmallows to decorate and bake.

That is how she is rare Squishmallow she belongs to the 2020 Valentine Squad. This type of Squishmallows only comes around once a year. Rarer still is Chanel’s design featuring a plain, natural cinnamon swirl with rosy eyelashes and cheeks with a bigger and more complex icing pattern of her own. That is exclusive to Canada only.

5. Phillippe

In 2017’s Valentine Squad release, one frog-shaped Squishmallow stole the show. Phillippe is a cute little green frog with a white stomach and pink heart-shaped cheeks. When Phillippe was introduced as the promotional Squishmallow of holiday during his first appearance, he received a massive reputation boost and became famous immediately. He even likes playing hopscotch and especially on Valentine’s Day.

Squishmallow lore has it that Phillipe is best buds with Marco, a Valentine’s Day 2019 exclusive. Marco is a white and pink Hedgehog with hearts on his chest. Sometimes they can be seen as collections at auction, where a bunch of these related plush are thrown together to better their value through association.

4. Mariah

Mariah is part of the Squishmallow Baby Squad which is made up of about 7 plushies and is a lamb of rainbow-coloured with a cream and white face and ears. Her eyes and mouth are black, whereas her nose is a soft pink heart. Mariah is fond of horseback horchata and riding, and she is a person who is loyal to the last with a cheerful disposition.

Standing at a lowly 7 inches, Mariah hit the market in $2020 but is now costing around $800 US dollars. One reason Mariah is so hard to find is that she was exclusive to Aldi grocery stores during the second half of 2020. All the baby squad are rare Squishmallows, but Mariah is even rarer than them all.

3. Blossom

All white than for her gold fluff edges and cream-coloured face, a sleepy sheep Squishmallow. Her eyes are shut, and she holds a tiny rainbow with woollen clouds in her hooves. In 2018, the EUC Justice plush debuted in a limited edition. The sheep body in Blossom has some vanilla scent.

2. Santino

The 12-inch Squishmallow, Santino the Platypus is all brown than for his black eyes, dark bill, and white belly. His dad taught him tricks for making awesome blueberry pancakes, which he is good at. Santino likes to play soccer and wants to be a professional goalie someday.

On auction sites prices for Santino are anywhere from about $ 1100-1500 USD, making Santino an expensive Squismallows yet. This is because out of the more than a number of plushies from Squishmallows, only 50 brown ones are there. And Santino happens to be a rare one among these 50.

1. Jack the Black Cat

One of the rare Squishmallows out there, Jack the Black Cat is part of the Squishmallows Select Series. White eyes, tiny pink mouth-Jack, and white whiskers is closed up. Jack is strong and silent, helpful, and feisty.

In 2020, it is 12 inches high and also comes in a version that is 16 inches tall. It would set you back nearly an unbelievable 2,000 USD. It is the 500th Squishmallow, and therefore only 500 Jax were produced. In essence, it is the ultimate piece of the collector, mainly for the squishmallow fans.

Some FAQs

What is the world’s most costly Squishmallow?

Jack the Black Cat is the rare squish mallow, and very rarely there are only 500 in circulation (limited edition plushies). It is one of the expensive squishmallows, too.

What Squishmallow is ultra rare?

Jack is the 500th Squishmallow character and one of those in the chosen series. This adorable ‘Mallow is one of only 500 Squishmallows that were produced for this limited-edition range. One or two have already changed hands for over £ 1,500.