What To Look For In A Good Concealer Brush


When it comes to concealer, it feels like there are an endless amount of brushes to choose from to help pull off the perfect look. From powder brushes to contour brushes, it’s easy to overlook how important having a good concealer brush can be. So many people still apply concealer with either the applicator that came with the product or even their fingers. But for a flawless blend that will make your skin look youthful and bright, a solid concealer brush will do the trick. 

When you’re searching for your next concealer brush, there are a couple of things to keep in mind to find a good one. Concealer brushes should be small to get your product into those hard to reach spots and creases. When applying concealer, a great brush should follow the contour under your eye or easily cover up a blemish without being abrasive. The skin that you use concealer on is more delicate than the rest of the face. So you should choose a concealer brush that is soft but still has enough precision to pat the concealer into the skin. 

For Concealing Under the Eyes

The skin under the eyes is much more delicate than the skin on other parts of the face. So when you are choosing your concealer brush to use under your eyes, make sure that you go for a small, round or dome-shaped brush with soft bristles. The round shape will help the brush follow the contour under the eyes and make sure you don’t miss any dark spots while blending. You should also look for a brush with flexible, synthetic bristles. The synthetic bristles allow for the concealer to go on smoothly and blend easily. You can even find dual-tipped under-eye concealer brushes, with a smaller pointed side to reach all those creases and a fluffier rounded side to buff everything out. 

For Concealing Blemishes 

If you deal with blemishes and acne from time to time, you’ll probably be covering them with concealer.  Instead of using the same brush you use for under the eyes, you should use a smaller brush with more compact bristles. This allows for more precision when applying concealer to the blemish. You can either use a flat-tipped or tapered brush to apply concealer to these areas. Then, be sure to go in with another small tipped but fluffier concealer brush to buff out and blend the product. No more blemishes in sight! 

For Concealing Large Areas of the Face

If you need to conceal a larger area of the face due to acne or just brightening up some spots, you are going to want to grab a large concealer brush with tight, compact bristles. Just like the smaller brushes for spot treatments, a large concealer brush should have soft and dense bristles to evenly pat on product. You can even go for a foundation brush as long as it has those compact bristles. 

For Under the Brow 

A popular place to apply concealer is right under the eyebrow. A great concealer brush to create a sharp line for the perfect brow should be thin and flat. Like all the other concealer brushes, a flat brush for under the brow should have those compact yet soft bristles. This will allow you to carve out a clean line without damaging the delicate skin under the brow.

While there are many options to choose from, a good concealer brush will be small, with soft, synthetic, and compact bristles. With a good concealer brush, applying concealer will be so much easier and will take your looks to the next level.