Dietary Plan Chart To Reduce Weight In Just 4 Weeks

diet to lose weight

There are varied ways to lose weight.However, most of the ways can make you unsatisfied and hungry. Exercising regularly is not sufficient to lose weight, you would also require following appropriate diet plan. Exercising and eating healthy foods is one of the best ways to lose weight while avoiding health problems.Daily workout assists a lot when it comes to fitness and shaping up your body. But if your target is dropping weight and look perfect, then just regular exercise won’t be sufficient. You will need to think something more apart from exercise. Do you think what it is? Well, all you need to take care of is your daily diet. Yes, you have to follow balanced diet chart to lose weight. Remember this; Regular Exercising and quick weight loss diet plan walk parallel when it comes to losing weight and so either of them could not be ignored.

You should immediately follow balanced diet chart to lose some weight and make sure that you follow it with extreme sincerity to achieve the best results. To know what to include and exclude in your diet, you can take the help of a professional dietician or even consult with your gym instructor. A professional dietician will check all the necessary details before starting your diet. Details like: your actual weight, your height, required reduction, some blood test (only if necessary) etc. Considering all these, the quick weight loss diet plan to lose weight is made. In case if the reason behind your increased weight is incorrect dietary habits, fickle routine, slackness, sluggishness or wrong sleeping and waking routine, then the first thing that demands a change is your overall daily routine. Right from waking up on time to sleeping on time at night along with proper diet chart to lose weight is the summary of your weight loss diet plan. You must be thinking how does routine matter? Summing up in a line, it can be said that if you mess with your daily routine, then your body will also mess up all. The body has a clock of its own and so should be rightly timed for its proper and healthy working.

Here in this article, we bring you a diet chart to lose weight that you will need to work on in four consecutive weeks. Do weigh yourself before you start with this mission and note it down. Keep this notepad handy so that the progress report of every week can be jotted down and you can measure the smile on your face later on by viewing the complete journey. Take care of the points given below whenever you begin with this four-week quick weight loss diet plan:

  1. Say NO to salt after 7:30 pm.
  2. A big NO to any aerated or oxygenated drinks and this imbibes of the diet version as well.
  3. Confine any artificial juices too.
  4. Curtail rice and potato strictly.
  5. Restrain two fruits: banana and mango.
  6. Do at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercise regularly. Doing gym is also a good option for it but in case if anything restrains you from going to gym then even doing it on your own will do its job. The Fresh air garden will also work. Wear a comfortable pair of shoes while doing aerobics. To add on, also do skipping exercise daily. Five sets of hundred skips that are in total five hundred skips at least and can increase the number gradually.
  7. To tone up your upper body, exercise with one and a half to two kilograms of dumbbells.
  8. Last but not the least, give leastwise twenty minutes to breathing exercise every day. (such as Baba Ramdev’s Pranayam)


Now without any more delay let us begin with the quick weight loss diet plan that you will need to follow for four weeks and here it is:




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8:00 am (or even early; whenever you wake up) – A night before the day you are all set to begin your diet plan; the first thing you need to do is to take a bowl filled with two glasses of water and soak one teaspoon of methi seeds in it. Then the next morning as soon as you wake up, what you need to do is to filter the methi seeds and drink that water. This works a lot in water retentivity and bloating. Then later, take five soaked almonds for healthy skin. After this, one black pepper ball which you need to swallow straight away without chewing it.

9:00 am (after an hour) – You can select any from these: 1 brown bread only with Amul Lite Butter/ Salad and chutney/ hung curd garnishing

Nothing for next one and a half hour!

11:30 am – any fruit as per your wish but just one in quantity

Then after next one and a half hour:

At 1:30 pm – Before you begin with your afternoon meal, you need to have a pocket-size plate of salad. Now you must be thinking why this? Well, salad is rich in fibre and thus this fibre help in satiating the urge of false hunger which compels you to overeat. Then comes to the turn of meal in which your menu is: 1 chapati made with the concoction of wheat bran and wheat flour in equal ratio. The meal also includes one normal sized bowl of dal as it is a healthy package in itself.

Long break of three and a half hours…

5:00 pm – As you wish, one cup of tea or milk with two biscuits but only Marie. You can even take one normal size of air-popped popcorn (those without butter)/ one small bowl of roasted chana.

Then, one and a half hour later:

7:30 pm – Like the mid-day meal, at this time also begin with a small plate of salad followed by one bran chapatti and one bowl of green vegetable which is healthy. (This time no kadhi, chana or rajmah)

In a short span of an hour:

8:30 pm – You can eat one fruit of your wish and after this nothing till the next day. Then follow the same diet for complete one week.

As soon the first diet weekend, don’t miss to weigh yourself. The results will bring the smile to your face. As per the research, one loses the maximum in the first week because the body loses all the water weight and bloating pooped off. Though you notice a loss of weight in every following week but little less to that of the first-week achievement and this is how this four weeks quick weight loss diet plan chart works.


After the success of the first week, it is the time to get closer to our goal by abiding by the second-week diet plan and here it is:

Morning 8:00 am (as you as you awaken) – the Previous night you will need to immerse five tulsi leaves in about two glasses of water and next morning first thing you will need to do is to filter out those leaves and drink that water. Also, don’t forget to have five soaked almonds (do not peel their skin off) and one black pepper ball (Kali Mirch). You will find few diet steps similar to that of the first week.

9:00 am – Then after an hour, you are allowed to have one brown bread toast with only Amul lite butter over it/ salad and chutney/ Amul lite butter. That’s it.

11:30 am – After a break of one and a half hour, you can have the fruit of your choice. Here is the place where your choice is considered 😉 rest all as per the diet plan chart.

1:30 pm – Yes… you guessed it right! One small plate of salad is what you will begin your meal with. Now here is the slight change. This meal involves just one single sandwich. So, in case if you are a vegetarian, your sandwich will comprise of two brown bread with the filling of paneer in it and case if you are non-vegetarian egg whites.

5:00 pm – Three and a half hours later you can have one normal sized cup of milk or tea, depending on your preference along with two Marie biscuits.

7:30 pm – As per the rule; here also you need to eat Salad before the meal and later accompanied by one bran chapatti with 1 K vegetable (now in this second week of four-week diet chart you can have chana, kadhi or rajmah as a vegetable).

8:30 pm – Keep your fruit selection ready and have that one fruit. This is the end of the diet chart which needs to be strictly followed for the whole second week. On the completion of the week, do check your weight again and be delighted at the result.


After looking at the desired results, you are sure to begin your third-week diet chart to lose weight with much more enthusiasm. Getting closer to your goals, rejuvenate new energy in the body, mind and soul! If you observe keenly, you will notice more or less the diet chart is alike but you will be surprised to know that these minor changes in the diet chart of every week play the most important role in reducing your weight and maintaining your overall health. Check out:

8:00 am (or even early; the moment you wake up) – The first & foremost thing you need to follow in the third week as well is exactly same as the last two weeks. Follow the procedure of soaking methi seeds a night before in two glasses of water and drink that water in the morning after straining the methi seeds. Also, don’t miss to take five soaked & skinned almonds followed by one black pepper ball which you need to swallow.

9:00 am (after an hour) –: One glass of milk and fruit will be enough. Then, wait for next one and a half hour!

11:30 am – A fruit as per your wish but just one. We know it’s too less but don’t forget that you are on a diet 😉

At 1:30 pm – No salad before the meal in the third week and so you can straightaway have one bran chapatti (the mixture of wheat flour and wheat bran in similar proportion) and a vegetable of your choice; keeping in mind that you are on a diet.

Break of three and a half hours again…

5:00 pm – Pick any among these: One normal sized cup of tea or milk with two biscuits/ one bowl of air-popped popcorns (NO to the butter ones)/ one small bowl of roasted 9bhuna) chana.

7:30 pm – Here the menu differs for vegetarians and non-vegetarians so read carefully. For Vegetarians: There are two options: 1) one bowl vegetable + one bowl curd + salad or 2) one bowl dal + one Bowl Curd + salad.

For Non-Vegetarians: Three Pieces of Roasted or steamed chicken or fish (your preference) along with a compulsory salad.

8:30- pm – The legacy continues! You can have any one fruit depending on your choice. This ends the first day of third diet week as well and hence same needs to comply for the whole third week with sincerity. After all, your hard work and sincerity always pay.


Are you sharing your happiness with all your loved ones? Well, why not! You deserve every bit of it because you have proved that nothing is impossible. Your weighing machine is speaking the result of your efforts and what else does one need. Arrives the much awaited last & final week of your four weeks dietary plan and here you go:

8:00 am (first when you awaken) – We are sure that you must have got into the routine of what you need to do the foremost. Yes, you are right. You need to drink your methi seeds soaked water. No confusion, just follow the same procedure to get it ready.

9:00 am – Followed by one glass of cold coffee and one brown bread toast after an hour. Happy to have a taste change, aren’t you?

11:30 am – Same as the last three weeks; at this time you can eat anyone fruit whichever you want to.

1:30 pm – Here is the magic box which has brought numerous options for you in this finale week for you to eat. After all, who doesn’t love the change especially when it is much anticipated? All of us…right! The options imbibe of: 1) one bowl sprouts + fruits 2) one bowl vegetables + one brown bread toast 3) One bowl dahlia + One brown bread toast 4) One bowl kadhi+ one-fourth plate rice (any one of these)

5:00 pm – Same are the picks as before: one cup milk or tea with two biscuits/ one bowl air popped popcorns/ one small bowl of roasted or bhuna chana. So, what are you picking this time?

7:30 pm – Simple and Similar but healthy! All you can eat for your meal is one bran chapati (compounding of what bran & what flour in equalized ratio) and one bowl vegetable.

8:30 pm – Any one fruit of your pick and that’s the end of the last day of four weeks quick weight loss diet plan.

And hence your quick weight loss diet plan to lose weight ends here. Your happiness can be truly felt. As per the search, you will certainly loose three to six kilograms in this one month. If you are looking for some more weight reduction, you can continue the same for a week or two more but do as per advised so that diet does not lead to bad health. Diet meanings are maintaining and managing your eating habit not just decreasing it.

Be careful of what you want because dieting to stay fit and healthy is perfectly ok but not fine at all if you want to be skinny. Love with what the Almighty has bestowed you and always carry a positive outlook. Never choose to lose weight because somebody has challenged you or your society comments on your weight. If you don’t love yourself, then no one will.

Hope this piece of information with diet chart to lose weight proves helpful to you. Do share your reviews and your thoughts and ideas that you think can add positive results to the efforts of everyone who is complying this.

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