Everything You Should Know Before Getting a Prince Albert Piercing

pa piercing

PA piercing, also known as Prince Albert, is a kind of piercing done in a private area. It goes into the tube where urine comes out through a small hole under the rounded part. Usually, a ring with a ball or segment is put through that hole using the natural opening of the tube.

People usually get this piercing for looks and to make things more exciting during intimate moments. It adds a special feeling by touching certain parts, like the tube and the skin under the rounded part. This can be enjoyable for the person with the piercing and even for their partner. However, remember, it might feel painful at first, so be cautious.

Does Getting a PA Piercing Hurt?

Getting a PA piercing is not as painful as you might expect. Some say it is similar to piercing your earlobe.

The reason is that the skin being pierced is actually quite thin. Even though it looks like the jewellery is going through a thick part of the skin, it is not as much as when you pierce your earlobe. This makes the piercing quick and not too hard for most people.

While the pain is not much, some people find it a bit challenging mentally. It can be a little strange to watch a needle go through that part of the body. So, it is good to prepare yourself mentally and make sure your piercer knows how to do a Prince Albert piercing and can help you through it gently.

Sexual Benefits of Prince Albert or PA Piercing

For You:

Piercings on the rounded part or tube, like the PA, move around and touch the penile area when you do things like masturbate or have oral, anal, or genital sex. This can make you feel more pleasure because it stimulates extra nerves.

The PA wand can also be used for something called sounding. Your partner can put the jewellery in their mouth and make vibrations. This makes your whole penis tingle and can feel good.

For Your Partner:

Any kind of PA can touch more nerves in your partner’s vagina or anus during sex. The reverse PA is especially good for making the clitoris feel good and increasing your partner’s pleasure.

Can Anyone Get a Prince Albert Piercing?

If you have a penis, you might be able to get a PA piercing. Even if you have foreskin, it can be pulled back for this piercing. However, when you are not erect, the jewellery might rub against the foreskin and feel uncomfortable.

You might need to adjust how you pee to avoid spraying urine through the new openings in your urethra. You can try pointing the hole downward or covering it.

Be careful because piercings on the rounded part or tube can pierce through condoms. PA piercings do not affect your ability to have babies.

How Long Does It Take for a Prince Albert PA Piercing to Heal?

A Prince Albert piercing usually gets better in about 4 to 8 weeks if you take good care of it. You can make the healing even better by taking camomile baths. Because it gets cleaned by peeing a lot, it usually gets better without any problems.

Once it is healed, people often make Prince Albert bigger by using a thicker ring. A ring that’s about 4 mm thick (instead of the first 2.4 mm) or even thicker is better. This helps to make sure the ring does not move out of place.

Styles of Jewelry for Prince Albert PA Piercing

The Prince Albert piercing can have different kinds of jewelry. The choice depends on how it looks and how sensitive you want it to be.

When you first get pierced, the size of the jewellery depends on your body. However, after it heals, you can change to different styles. Some people even go up to really big sizes, like 00G, which is around 8mm. The reason for using bigger jewellery is that it gives more stimulation. If you are interested in this, talk to your piercer about how to stretch it properly after it is fully healed.

You can use different styles of jewellery, like hoops (called captive bead rings), curved barbells, circular barbells, and T-bar barbells (made for certain body shapes). Changing the jewellery is usually easy, especially if you insert it through the base of the tip instead of the urethra.

Some Questions

Before getting a Prince Albert, what do I need to know?

If you are planning to get a Prince Albert piercing, then do not drink alcohol before or after the operation. The process may involve a little short, sharp pain. Later, follow your piercer’s directions on how to clean the wound and heal. This will take a couple of weeks or even months.

Why was a Prince Albert piercing originally done?

Prince Albert, the penile piercing was done so as to be able to hang his penis over one side of his trousers, which looked nicer. He was said to have received the piercing in his early 20s, before he married. At the age of 42, Prince Albert died of typhoid.

Why does my Prince Albert piercing stink?

It is known by many monikers:  septum stench,ear cheese, piercing funk, and ear stink. The reason is the unavoidable sebum that accumulates in healed piercing channels. This turns into a pungent, rotten odour. Sebum comes from sebaceous glands in the skin.

Will Prince Albert’s hole close?

Just like any piercing, if a Prince Albert piercing fistula is left to heal naturally, it can close or heal over (see below). However, the chances of closure and how long recovery takes differs from individual to individual.