What Is Pink Coke/Cocaine?

pink coke

Pink Coke or Cocaine is a kind of drug that people use to have fun, but it’s not made from plants like regular cocaine. It’s made in a lab. People call it Pink Cocaine, 2C-B, Nexus, Venus, Tuci, Tucibi, and Bromo Mescaline.

This drug has a special thing called 2C-B, which makes people feel funny and different when they use it for fun. It’s not like the cocaine you hear about from plants; it’s made by scientists in a lab.

2C-B: To Controlled Substance from Libido Enhancer

At first, 2C-B was made to help with problems like not getting excited or having a good time with your partner. But in 1995, because people started using it incorrectly and there weren’t any good reasons for doctors to use it, the United States made it illegal and said it was a bad drug called a Schedule 1 Controlled Substance.

What’s in Pink Coke/Cocaine?

Pink Cocaine, which some people call Pink Drugs, usually doesn’t have much 2C-B in it, even though it’s in the name. Instead, it’s made up of other things like ketamine, amphetamines, or MDMA, and sometimes, they add opioids or stuff like LSD and mescaline. Even though it’s got “cocaine” in the name, there’s no real cocaine in it.

They mix all these things to make people feel really happy and excited. But experts say that sometimes it can make people see and believe things that aren’t real like they’re going crazy. So, it’s not always safe to use.

Pink Coke/Cocaine in the Party World Resurgence 

Pink Coke/Cocaine returns at parties, especially in South and Central America. People also call it Pink Drug, Tuci, or Tucibi. Even though it’s named after something called 2C-B, nowadays, it usually doesn’t have much 2C-B in it. 

Instead, people who make or sell it mix in ketamine and amphetamines. They can even make it at home in a regular kitchen and sell it to make money.

Cocaine vs. Pink Cocaine: What is the main difference

Pink Cocaine and regular cocaine may both be addictive and make you dependent, but they’re different. Cocaine comes from plants, but Pink Cocaine, also known as Pink Drug or 2C-B, is made in a lab. Pink Cocaine, or Pink Coke, works in your body by messing with the serotonin system to make you feel a certain way.

Can you get addicted to Pink Cocaine?

Yes, you can. Like some other man-made drugs, it can make you want it all the time. People might feel like they can’t stop taking it, even if it’s causing problems. And if you keep using it, you might need more and more to feel good, which can worsen the addiction.

Effects of of Pink Coke/Cocaine

You never know what Pink Cocaine or Tucibi will do to you. It can make you feel different in many ways, like making your heart beat faster, making your senses sharper, or giving you a good feeling. But sometimes, it can be really bad, like making you see things that aren’t real, your heart race, or making you feel sick and nervous. 

If you take too much, it can even be super dangerous, like making it hard to breathe, causing seizures, or making you act crazy, which can lead to really bad things like your body getting too cold or your heart-stopping.