Nail Art

Tips To Easily Dispatch Acrylic Nails

Are you among one of those million girls who is irritated of fixing their chipped nails? If yes, we can empathize with you. No one admires broke away and knapped nails, instead we hate them for how tardy they make us look. It is not that everyone possesses weak nails because some people are blessed with strong nails whereas some ...

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Ideas To Prepare Nail Polish Remover At Home

Have you ever thought that there could ever be any other alternative for buying all those expensive and harsh nail polish removers? If not, then consider this now. Don’t be surprised because it is no false that you can prepare a nail polish remover on your own. Thus you can waive goodbye to the artificial means; and switch to a ...

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The danger of cutting your cuticles

Who in this world doesn’t today take care of their appearance? Every other person is concerned about their looks and image, even tiniest of things are paid attention today, and one of those “tiny” things are nails. People spend hundreds of bucks for proper care and maintenance of their nails. The first thing that comes to mind as far as ...

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